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WELCOMEto our health blog!

Going more toward a plant-based diet could have a positive impact on your health. Research shows that plant-based diets, done correctly, can lower your risk of some health problems.
Lots of research from food industry reports continue to suggest that Americans are making healthier food choices and having more snacks throughout the day.
Energy bars are considered an acceptable snack or even meal replacement by many. Walk into most convenience stores, gas stations, or supermarkets in America and you will see lots of options of bars from high protein to “healthy” candy-like energy bars

Are Energy Snack Bars Healthy? There’s a good reason you see so many energy bars on your grocery stores shelves. As well as providing energy for your workout, they can be a super tasty and convenient snack. 

How many times has your hectic lifestyle meant you’ve skipped lunch, dropped your workout or canceled social plans? Too many, I’ll bet. 
At Jeca, we believe in balance. As busy as we are, we know that finding time to work out is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. What you eat before and after you exercise is key to staying energized. 
It is vital that your employees are happy, healthy and focused. Providing the right snacks can fuel your colleagues with the best nutrients and minerals to achieve and succeed.
Do you find yourself constantly feeling tired or lethargic? Or maybe your energy levels are like a roller coaster each day, veering from bouncing off the walls to slumped over your desk?