How many times has your hectic lifestyle meant you’ve skipped lunch, dropped your workout or canceled social plans? Too many, I’ll bet. When we’re crazy busy (like so many of us always are) too often the first things to go from our day to day lives are the things that relate to self-care. The problem is that when this happens, rather than make us more productive we actually get more stressed and make our situation even worse. Here’s why finding time for self care is important and how you can find time to be good to yourself. 

Reason #1: Self Care Gives You Greater Focus

One of simplest ways to look after yourself is knowing when to take a break. Sometimes self-care can be as simple as stopping what your doing, standing up and stretching your legs for a few minutes.. Or better yet, grabbing a cup of tea!  Studies show that breaks actually help you gain greater focus and perform better. So next time you’re too busy to take a break because that project just has to get finished, why not take a break -- you’ll probably find that when you return to your desk you’ll get things done much quicker.

Reason #2: Self Care Lowers Stress

Most of us know deep down that eating properly and getting regular exercise reduce our stress levels and make us happier and more productive people. So why is it that when we’re feeling stressed, eating right and working out are the first things we stop doing? It’s probably because we tell ourselves that we’re “too tired” or “just don’t have the time.” But this really is counter-productive. When you’re stressed your mind and body don’t perform at optimal levels meaning that you feel sluggish and lack concentration. So while you might feel as though you’ve gained an hour because you didn’t go to the gym, that extra hour you just spent working? It probably wasn’t that productive at all.

Reason #3: Self Care Prevents Burnout

When all is said and done, perhaps the greatest argument in favor of self care is the fact that without it, it’s only a matter of time before we crash and burn. We’ve all been there, you take on so much until you get to the point where you just can’t go on. This isn’t good for you, your work or the people you care about most. Taking time to eat well, do some physical activity, take a break, socialise with friends and family or talk about your feelings really can make all the difference in how well you cope during hectic, high stress periods in your life.

One of our favourite ways to refocus and recharge is to take time to share some healthy, tasty treats with friends and family. How do you find time for your own self care? Let us know in the comments!