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Why Healthy Snack Bars Are Growing in Popularity

Why Healthy Snack Bars Are Growing in Popularity

Lots of research from food industry reports continue to suggest that Americans are making healthier food choices and having more snacks throughout the day.

The idea of having three meals a day is beginning to fade, and the age of snacks is moving in. The trend of healthy snacks is predicted to have increased sales within the next five to ten years, and this growth is driving healthy snack bars to include healthier and high-protein ingredients.

For example, a report by Packaged Facts showed that “healthy-ingredient snackers are 90% more likely to live in households consuming energy/diet snacks and bar options.” With the growth of snackers in America, top industry leaders are making new and improved snack bars. Companies from Kellogg’s to Starbucks are exploring the opportunities in making healthy snack bars. With so many new players, originality in new flavors and ingredients has increased in order to keep customers interested.

Sales of snacks like bakery snacks, biscuits, confectionery, ice cream, snack bars, yogurt, and savory snacks grew by a whopping 17.4 percent to $145bn in the five years to 2015, according to Euromonitor. This growth is being pushed by-products which are seen as more healthy, analysts and executives say. And they are confident that the trend will continue.

Flavors of snack bars are also getting wilder, providing new varieties for hungry folk.

Companies are proudly taking advantage of health-seeking shoppers by clearly labeling snack bars gluten-free. Little do consumers know, most snack bars are naturally gluten-free. But, this small form of advertisement is pushing brands into the top of healthy snackers’ choices.

What Customer are Saying about Jeca’s Healthy Snacks

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Customer feedback is very important to Ree and the team at Jeca.

We keep busy creating new delicious snack bars and finding more and more locations to stock them for the happy and healthy masses but, without your feedback, we couldn’t adapt and tailor our tasty energy snacks to best suit what you really want.

Here are some of the latest comments and feedback from happy customers.

Rohan S: “Very high quality snacking bars! My favorite is the Coconut Curry, the dash of spices really wakes you up, followed by the almond and dates.”

Erica T: “I tried Jeca bars for the first time and love them! I am always looking for whole food, sustainable energy bars that taste good and these REALLY taste good! They also kept me full which is what I’m looking for when I’m on the go and don’t have time for a meal. The coconut curry is my favorite so far but can’t wait to try them all!”

Kurt K: “I tried a Jeca bar for the first time the other day. It was amazing! It had a great taste and was very filling. It was the perfect mid-day snack.”

Lacy C reviewed “Great flavors! Very unique and exotic.”

Kyle B: “No Oil! It’s fulfilling and keeps me light during my workout. Finally, a no oil protein bar… that actually tastes great!”

Katie M: “I just tried the almond and date bar. It is absolutely delicious ! I feel full of energy and very satisfied after eating it. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!”

Brian B: “These bars are truly amazing, it gave me a nice boost of energy for my day and tasted really good.”

Kara O: “I love the energy cookies so much! I eat them right before the gym so I’m not starving before working out and it gives me a little energy boost! Favorite flavor is the Seoul cookie .. little bit of Asian persuasion stuffed in a cookie.”

Joe V: “Jeca energy bars and cookies are amazing! It is nice to grab a healthy snack when headed to the gym. This product is delicious and actually gives me energy when working out. Great product!

Got things to say to the Jeca Bar team? Why not add a review of our healthy, vegan-friendly snacks on Facebook?

Searching For Healthy Energy Bars

Are Energy Snack Bars Healthy?

There’s a good reason you see so many energy bars on your grocery stores shelves. As well as providing energy for your workout, they can be a super tasty and convenient snack. Promising a plethora of nutritional benefits, it’s no wonder that they’ve become a diet mainstay for those of us who want to keep our energy levels up between meals while staying healthy.

But, and there’s a BIG BUT, the majority of energy bars you’ll see piled up in student cupboards or floating around your coworker’s desk are little more than candy bars. Some bars contain as much saturated fat and sugar as the mars bars we would avoid on a daily basis as unhealthy one-off treats.

If you want a healthy energy bar that packs a nutritional punch, you need to look for something made from balanced, natural ingredients (not chock full of words you can’t pronounce). Plus, if your energy bar is actually going to do its job and provide energy and satiate you, it should contain a decent amount of protein (7 grams is great) and fiber (at least 4 grams) while not going overboard on the sugar content (more than 15g is too much) or saturated fat (look for less than 5 grams).

A word on sugar: many energy bars on the market contain high fructose corn syrup (a cheap and unhealthy sugar). While others replace sugars with sugar alcohols such as xylitol and maltitol which can be equally bad causing diarrhea and gas. The healthiest bars are sweetened with natural sugars such as those from fruit, agave or maple syrup.

Another thing to bear in mind when considering how healthy your energy bar actually is, is to consider what purpose they are serving. If they are a snack to tide you over between meals, you don’t want them to be overly calorific – around 200 to 250 grams is perfect. However, if they are being used to fuel your workout, you might want to consider something with a higher protein and carb count. Lastly, an energy bars as a meal replacement once in a while when you are on the go is one thing. But if you are replacing meals with energy bars on a regular basis, you may not be getting enough calories and should add some other sources of whole grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables to boost your calorie intake.

Our all-natural, Jeca Energy Bars are made with high quality ingredients and small batch techniques. So stock up and enjoy as a snack when you’re on the go, a supplement to your meals or to power your workout!