Energy Cookies

Energy Cookies


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Energy Cookies

3 cookies per package

These aren’t your mother’s store-bought cookies. Savory and filling, Jeca gourmet energy cookies are an all-natural way to indulge.

Like fine wine, the taste of our cookies is complex. The flavors evolve and bloom as you eat them. Our unique recipes incorporate ingredients and spices from around the globe to excite your taste buds. Each cookie is made with spices and ingredients reminiscent of the region that it represents. All our cookies are made with oat flour and have nuts and other wholesome ingredients for added nutritional impact. Plus, they are mildly caffeinated with either coffee beans or matcha (green tea leaves) for additional energy boost for those times when you need it.

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Bangkok Cookie

East meets west to create a treat that packs a surprising punch. The Bangkok cookie features a harmonious (and delicious) blend of spices, coconut, roasted peanuts and coffee beans.

Marrakesh Cookie

Inspired by traditional tajine cuisine, our Marrakesh cookie combines flavors of North Africa to create an aromatic, savory treat. Pecans add warmth and nuttiness, while coffee beans provide the pick-me-up you’re looking for.

Seoul Cookie

Bold, piquant flavors that are quintessential to Korean cooking. The Seoul cookie fuses roasted sesame with walnuts, the bite of ginger and chili pepper. Roasted coffee beans add a touch of complexity and provide extra energy.

Tijuana Cookie

Combines chocolate with the smokiness of chipotle peppers and traditional Mexican spices. Roasted peanuts add just the right amount of richness, while coffee beans provide complexity and an additional energy boost.

Tokyo Cookie

Combines mild, Japanese flavors and ingredients with rich, roasted seaweed and peanuts. We’ve even added matcha green tea for additional flavor and caffeine.

Tuscany Cookie

Combines poppy and sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and other Mediterranean flavors. Of course, an Italian-inspired cookie wouldn’t be complete without the added flavor of roasted coffee beans.

Jeca Energy Cookies