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About Jeca's Founder, Ree Dolnick

Hi I'm Ree, the passionate Founder of Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies. Thanks for checking out our cookies and snack bars. Let me tell you more about me and why Jeca is perfect for you!

Ree Dolnick

I've loved cooking and creating yummy snacks since a small child. Luanching our lines of yummy cookies and energy bars has been a whirlwind so far and I'm pleased to say that our healthy snack alternatives are more popular every day!

I studied molecular biology and biochemistry and graduated with a degree in biology with molecular emphasis. During that time, I got bitten by a 'research bug' while doing my senior thesis at National Institute of Health. Going to graduate school, I continued on with medical research.

One of the ways I subsidized my education was by working in a restaurant as a sous chef. It made sense because cooking is chemistry. It was a really interesting marriage of two fields. I've simply been doing that my entire life!

With my mixed science and professional cooking background it made sense to start a company to create cookies and all our healthy options.

I adore what we're creating at Jeca! It's incredibly interesting and fulfilling.

It's all a matter of understanding how the ingredients work and what they do and how you could bring it together to have a marriage of wonderful flavors and sensations. It all comes down to understanding the basics of what's happening at the chemical level.

Why not contact me to learn more or check out our store here