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Interview: Ree Dolnick On What Makes Jeca Unique

Interview: Ree Dolnick On What Makes Jeca Unique

Ree Dolnick is passionate about creating amazing cookies and energy bars with a twist. In this Q & A session, Ree gives us the background on how she came to create her amazing snacks and just what it is about them that makes them so unique.

Q: Why did you create Jeca energy cookies and bars?

A: It was born out of several things: my love for food, a natural creativity, and a way to keep me and others in needs of healthy energy snack options more healthy. There you go, a brand is born!

Initially, I had a metabolic need, where my blood sugar can drop. I have to refuel, or I start shaking and literally feel ill. I was creating these special bars for myself because I had this need. The next thing I knew, I was just giving them out to friends who also had this need. Then they started asking for more, then asking me if they could start buying them from me.

That sort of caused a light bulb to go off, and made me realize: I'm not the only one looking for these options. How can I create more products like this? At the same time, I wanted to give people something they're going to enjoy, and to be able to have something that's going to fulfill all their needs nutritionally, emotionally, and even with taste sensations. 

That really got me thinking about what products that I can create for them that will benefit them in the same way as I'm benefiting from my bars. That's how the company came to be.

Q: What do you hope Jeca will bring to the market? What makes Jeca energy cookies and bars different and unique?

A: In terms of the cookies, we are really talking about a whole brand new category! Jeca has questioned why a cookie has to be a sweet, sugary snack? We believe a cookie can be so much more!

Jeca cookies can be sweet and savory. They also bring in all kinds of spices, sensations and textures. They’re caffeinated, to give you that additional energy and flavor. These cookies are so complex and so satisfying, there's nothing like them in the market.

I think these cookies fulfill the need to have something nutritious, but something that you're going to enjoy and savor. 

In that sense, I think it's something very different. I know there are other products out there that claim to be energy bars or other energy supplements. But there are no energy cookies out there. And these are all natural and so delicious, they truly are different. I think it's going to fulfill a big need in the lives of my customers.


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