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Why Our Customers Love Jeca Cookies and Energy Bars

Why Our Customers Love Jeca Cookies and Energy Bars

Learn About Our Fantastic Customers and Why They Love Jeca Snacks

Ree Dolnick is passionate about creating amazing cookies and energy bars with a twist. In this interview, Ree gives us insights into the type of people Jeca snacks are aimed at and what you can expect from your first delicious bite. 

Q: Tell us a bit about who you hope will be buying Jeca energy cookies and bars over the coming months and years?

A: Overall, for both the bars and the cookies, we help people who are searching for nutritional enhancement during their busy day. When they cannot get to the next meal or they're feeling very low in energy and they don't want to just settle for an unhealthy off-the-shelf sweet cookie or a chocolate bar. These are people who really want to be conscious of what they're consuming, and they want it to be a healthy option.

Our customers care about their health and what they're taking in.

Is there a gender divide between your customers?

A: Interestingly, I'm finding that majority of the people going towards the cookies, tend to be women. I think because, with the cookie, there's an emotional component where it reminds you of home.

The idea of a cookie is very comforting. I think women gravitate to that more, especially when they're under stress, or they're running low on energy. Then they're very pleasantly surprised, because there are so many sensations and flavors and smells. It just helps them slow down and re-energize.

Our energy bar customers, by contrast, tend to be more athletically-focused, and they're often men.

Q: Tell us about people's reactions when they try your bars and cookies for the first time

A: The thing that people always say is, "These cookies are so complex, there's nothing like it out there." What happens is, they'll say, "What's this?" I explain to them that the flavors are international, and it's caffeinated, and it’s got all this good stuff and that it might be spicy. They'll say, "Okay."

Then they take a bite, and they go, "Hmm." They start chewing, and then the flavor keeps changing. First, it's like, they get the sweet and they go, "Oh, I taste this. Oh my gosh, I taste that.." Right at the back end, when the spice reaches them, they go, "Oh. It just hit me." It turns into this party atmosphere because it's exciting. It's stimulated so many of their senses.

I guess the one-liner that's always coming through is, "This is a really great cookie. There's nothing like it, and it's really complex." It should be, "It's more than a cookie, it should be called something else."


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