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The Evocative Nature of Jeca Cookies

The Evocative Nature of Jeca Cookies

Jeca Founder Ree Dolnick shares her thoughts about the evocative nature of our cookies.

Q: Ree, what do you mean when you talk about the evocative nature of Jeca?

A: The evocative side of Jeca is experienced through our cookies. We love telling people about these cookies, because they really are quite different. First off, we call them energy cookies for a couple of reasons  - they do contain caffeine from the coffee beans and matcha in the recipe, which gives you that added little boost of energy when you really need it. But they also provide a more intrinsic source of energy because of all the important nutritional fiber and protein that come from the oats and nuts in there.

Now, the health and energy components are critical but what I really love about these cookies is what I call their evocative nature. This comes from the fact that there are so many different nuances to each cookie, starting one way and finishing another. The flavors evolve as you eat the cookies, and

The flavors evolve as you eat the cookies, and since our cookies represent the flavor of a region, we feel that you’ve gone on a kind of adventure or transformation by the time you’re done eating.

So for example, we like to call Tokyo our zen cookie, because we use mild flavors of nori and other ingredients you might find in Japanese cooking - by the time finish that cookie, I truly feel this wonderful calmness.

Or maybe you prefer the excitement and fieriness of Korean flavors. Eating our Seoul cookie might prompt you to think about Korea and the nature of its flavors, its people - even if you haven’t been to Korea, maybe you went to a Korean restaurant and had a great experience there - and it can just recall a lot of memories and feelings. And so,

And so, yeah, evocative - that's how I like to think of them. 

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