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Ree Dolnick On Her Favorite Things About Jeca Energy Cookies and Bars

Ree Dolnick On Her Favorite Things About Jeca Energy Cookies and Bars

Ree Dolnick is the creator of Jeca Energy Cookies and Bars. Here, she takes a look back at her best moments with the company so far and why YOU should try one of her amazing cookies or snack bars.

Q: Tell me what are the highlights of your time with Jeca Bar so far? For example, can you talk a bit about interest you've had from distributors and partners, maybe events that you've exhibited out which have gone really well? What have been some of those best moments so far?

A: I'm really very excited that there's so much interest in our products and that people are responding sopositively. We really love making these products, and when you put so much of yourself into something, it’s extremely rewarding to get good feedback and see people enjoying your work. One of the ways I get to experience this firsthand is at a local artisan market that we attend. We are introducing these products to apopulation that is naturally receptive to the concepts of health and convenient local access, so the real test in this environment is the taste of the cookies and bars. To watch people’s faces when they taste the cookies and see the surprise, and delight, and even pure joy wash over them - it’s very special and very gratifying.

Q: What do you love most about what you do at Jeca?

A: I think what I love most is hearing people's reactions when they say things like, "These are so wonderful. I've never had anything like this.” or  It doesn't feel like I'm eating something healthy. I just really love it." Because it is both delicious and a healthier option, I do think we’re providing a very unique solution to a common problem of how to eat indulgently without feeling guilty. . To me, - it's just very fulfilling to hear confirmation that we're meeting their needs and they've finally found what they've been looking for to fill the gap.

Q: Tell me, what is your personal favorite Jeca cookie flavor and why?

A: Honestly, I really can’tchoose a single favorite. That’s like having a favorite child! No, but it really depends on the kind of mood I'm in. I know that for breakfast, or pre- and post-workout, I tend to reach for the Jeca bars. Later in the day, maybe around 3:00 or so, when I start to feel that afternoon drag, I'll reach for one of the cookies. If I want something spicy, I'll go for Seoul or Marrakesh. If I really need to be calm and I want just something gentle, I may lean towards Tuscany or Tokyo. So It really depends on my mood and the time of day.

Q: Finally, why should consumers purchase Jeca bars and cookies?

A: I think I want to let them know that Jeca cookies and bars are more likea cuisine than just a simple snack. Theysatisfy all your needs, both nutritional and emotional! And you don't have to feel guilty about eating them because they really are good for you. So go ahead and have one!



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