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Ree Dolnick On Creating Healthy Snack Bars and Cookies with a Twist

Ree Dolnick On Creating Healthy Snack Bars and Cookies with a Twist

Ree Dolnick is passionate about creating amazing cookies and energy bars with a twist. In this interview, Ree deep dives into the make-up of the Jeca snack bar and two of Jeca’s tasty cookie recipes.

Q: Tell us a bit about your snack bar recipe and why you created it in such a unique (and tasty) way

A: The bar is simple yet tasty. Originally, I wanted to create something for my own need; a snack bar that was going to be really well-balanced in terms of the fat, the carbohydrates, and the proteins, and something that was going to be light but sustaining enough that it keep my energy levels strong throughout my work day. The snack bar is also absolutely wonderful for pre and post-workout or breakfast.

I invented the bar using five key ingredients. These five ingredients are not processed and all the components are made by me. I did a lot of research in looking at what the most healthy dates would be in terms of fibers and sugars, etc. We even roast our own peanuts and create our own peanut butter. In that way, we could control the fats and all the wonderful, fresh roasted flavors coming through.

Q: Let’s look at the cookie cuisine and focus on a couple of flavors in the Jeca cookies line. Tell us about the 'Tokyo' and 'Seoul' recipes and why you created these unique and tasty flavors.

A: We have seven flavors in our line at the moment with more to come in the near future. The Tokyo flavor and Seoul flavor are each tasty and yet almost total opposites. Both cookies are so different but they both force you to take notice. Embracing the flavors can really energize you to move on and finish the rest of your day with happiness.

The Jeca Tokyo cookie was created for with zen-inspired flavors. Everything is calm, it's mild, and at the same time, very satisfying. It follows the philosophy that the Japanese follow in terms of flavors having different aspects to come together to create this very wholesome flavor. Flavours you'll experience include nori and matcha green tea, plus peanuts. They're all really calming flavors. This cookie flavor is packed full of nutrition and additional energy from the matcha green tea. If you like things very mild, this would be a great cookie for you.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Seoul cookie. If you like Korean food, you know that it's very piquant and it can be biting. In this cookie, it features wonderful flavors of the sesame and you have the gingers and the spiciness, so that as you're eating, all these flavors are evolving. It has a quintessential Korean flavor. As the ginger and the sesame comes through, you think you understand what this cookie is al about and then, all of a sudden, you get hit with the chilis. It's like, "Whoa!" It really wakes you up. With the additional flavoring from the roasted coffee beans, that just adds that one more layer of complexity and takes you to a whole new level.



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