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Pick of the Crop: Top Healthy Snacks Resources. Part 2

Pick of the Crop: Top Healthy Snacks Resources. Part 2

Looking for helpful resources to discover news and tips about the healthy snacking? You've come to the right place!

Jeca's team of market research boffins has searched the web and social media channels to find the most shared reports, news and opinion related to the wonderful topic of healthy eating and healthy snacks:

Here's another list of ten popular pages from the web in the past 12 months:


  1. Give Them Healthy Snacking Options - Parenting Tip #313 - Message With A Bottle http://www.amessagewithabottle.com/give-healthy-snacking-options-parenting-tip-313/
  2. 5 Healthy Snacking Tips for Football Season | Vitacost Blog http://www.vitacost.com/blog/food-nutrition/tips-for-healthy-game-day-snacking.html
  3. Healthy snacking: Cancer Nutrition Tips | CTCA http://www.cancercenter.com/community/nutritional-support/healthy-snacking/
  4. 7 Healthy Snacks For Studying | Yellow Tips https://www.yellow.com.mt/tips/health/7-healthy-snacks-for-studying/
  5. Healthy Snacks & Other Tips to Start the School Year Off Right - North Phoenix Family Magazine http://northphoenixfamily.com/healthy-snacks-tips-start-school-year-off-right/
  6. Easy Tips for Healthy Holiday Snacking - La Jolla Mom http://lajollamom.com/healthy-holiday-snacking/
  7. 7 Tips to Move to Healthy Snacking for Wellness | Natural Solutions Magazine http://naturalsolutionsmag.com/7-tips-move-healthy-snacking-wellness/
  8. Tips For Healthy Snack Planning - Amy Lewis - Summit Orthopedics https://www.summitortho.com/2017/08/30/dietitian-amy-lewis-tips-healthy-snack-planning/
  9. Tips for Healthy Snacking + Recipe https://www.findingbeautifultruth.com/2017/05/healthy-snacking-energy-bites-recipe.html
  10. 10 Tips for Healthy Snacking - United Dairy Industry of Michigan https://www.milkmeansmore.org/10-tips-healthy-snacking/


Jeca's team compiled this document using tools such as Buzzsumo. The sheet reflects a selected list of the most shared online articles and pages between Sept 2016 and Sept 2017.



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