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Minnie Ringland on Why She Loves Working with Jeca

Minnie Ringland on Why She Loves Working with Jeca

Read the latest interview with our wonderful Social Media Coordinator, Minnie: 

Q: What do you like to do outside of work, what are you passionate about?

A: I love to read. I love to watch TV...although I guess maybe that's not quite a noble passion as reading..in general. But specifically I love to read and watch shows or videos about food and cooking! I binge watch Food Network, I read food magazines and blogs, and my Instagram feed is at least half foodie accounts.

I also love to travel. And eat when I travel! Actually, that's one of the things I really love about the Jeca cookies, is that they sort of allow me to travel momentarily. Even when I'm not *physically* traveling.

Q: What do you mean by that?

A: Well, each cookie is themed around cuisine from some part of the world. You know, part of the reason why we created these cookies is that, we think that it sometimes is helpful for people to be jolted out of their busy routine and really given a reason to close their eyes and savor the moment. The flavors of these cookies are so provocative that you really do feel like you could be traveling to that country or that city. So we want people to stop what they’re doing for a minute and enjoy that.

Q: Lovely. So what would you say your favorite duties are with Jeca?

A: Hmm...well, like I said, I really enjoy spending more time, or having an excuse to spend more time, on Instagram! I also enjoy doing the research for any blog posts for the website that we might be working on. My background is in biology so nutrition science is really interesting to me.

I really like finding ways to articulate the reasoning, or the motivation, behind Jeca. There's no way to oversell the value of what Ree's trying to do, with these cookies and bars, to the market and to health and to basic human happiness.

Q: Ree's a scientist, you're a scientist. What does that kind of background, in terms of the team strengths and skills, mean for a brand like Jeca? For example, because of your backgrounds, are you able to really quantify what goes in to an amazing tasting cookie?

A: I think there's definitely a lot of chemistry in cooking and baking. The way I think of it, though, is more that as scientists, we are very focused on evidence and getting to the truth of things. and I think people should really have a confidence that we know what the consensus is on a lot of these health issues and we incorporate that into recipe development. It’s pretty well-established what ingredients make things taste good. It’s less clear which of those things are good for you and good for the world.

Q: Ok, I'm gonna challenge you on that. Tell me a little bit about how you incorporate that into the recipes.

A: Science is a field that's constantly changing and there's always new findings coming out that don't always necessarily agree with previous ones. For a long time people thought that fat was really bad for you so they advocated low fat diets. Now the tide seems to be turning towards cutting out carbs. I think what it comes down to is there's not really a one size fits all, be-all end-all solution... Food, if its real food, is food, and our bodies are meant to digest and get nutrition from carbs, protein, fat - all of it. It comes down to being able to exercise moderation or balance and, I think, getting your food in the most raw or wholesome form possible.

And so we do want these cookies to be a little bit indulgent and we aren't necessarily going to skimp on flavor or skimp on ingredients. But, you can be sure that every ingredient is well thought- through and it’s there for a reason, whether it's for nutrition or for flavor.

Q: Why did you decide to join Jeca and what do you love most about working with Ree?

A: I'm not sure if you knew this but I went to pre-preschool with Ree's daughter Jessica. We were both at the same day care - I think I was only about six months old - and we were in the same class, and we've grown up as best friends. I spent a very significant portion of my childhood at their house and I really consider Ree my second mother in many ways. It was very natural for us to consider working together and especially since I really developed an interest in food while in college.

Q: What makes Ree special? Tell me a bit about her personality and how that's infused within the Jeca brand. For example, as I've gotten to know her, she's a very warm, kind, considerate person. That considerate nature, for example, you can taste in the cookie right?

A: Yes, definitely. I think she's a very caring and generous person, and that does translate to her cooking. Jeca, right now, is only cookies and bars, but if you ever get a chance to try some of her more savory cooking, it's really a treat. I think she considers cooking an extension, a way to express her love, and you really can tell.

Q: That's good. In conclusion, the food is made with a secret ingredient, which is love.


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