Jeca Getting Lots of Praise From Happy Customers

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It's so pleasing when we hear that our happy customers are enjoying our Jeca energy snack bars and cookies. 

Here's what some of our wonderful customers had to say:

Lacy L. Christ, Co-Owner at Thinking Elvish Fantasy Chocolate: "Great flavors! Very unique and exotic. Ree is a wonderful person and a pleasure to do business with."

Anne Butler, High School English Teacher at Areté Preparatory Academy: "I really enjoy these energy cookies- they are delicious and unique! I'm particularly a fan of the Tijuana, Marrakesh, and Bangkok varieties!"

Joe Villafranca: "Jeca energy bars and cookies are amazing! It is nice to grab a healthy snack when headed to the gym. This product is delicious and actually gives me energy when working out. Great product!"

Kara Owens: "I love the energy cookies so much! I eat them right before the gym so I'm not starving before working out and it gives me a little energy boost! Favorite flavor is the Seoul cookie. Might be a little bias since those are my people but delicious none-the-less. Little bit of Asian persuasion stuffed in a cookie."


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