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Interview: Wendy Schiffman on Why She Loves Jeca's Bars and Cookies

Interview: Wendy Schiffman on Why She Loves Jeca's Bars and Cookies

In the first of a four part interview with Wendy Schiffman, we get to know about why she loves Jeca and her relationship with Jeca's Founder, Ree Dolnick. 

Wendy and Ree have known each other 25 years, and we're going to have a chat with Wendy about her relationship with Ree, how the idea of Jeca Bar started and Wendy's love for the product and all these other things.

Q: You have known Ree Dolnick (Jeca Founder) for about 25 years, can you tell us the story of how you met and what's your relationship?

A: Well, I am a hairstylist and I met her through the salon. I've been doing her hair for 25 years. But my business is actually very close and through the years all of the clients that I have, I tend to form a strong relationship with, and it becomes a friendship; beyond just the professional aspect of hairstyling.

I know there are so many people who will kind of laugh and joke about how my profession is kind of like a therapist. I think because of that we do get very close, and share ideas and dreams and visions.

I'm not the owner of the salon itself. Each stylist that is in the salon is an independent stylist. We rent the space within. So, I am an entrepreneur in the fact that I have my own business within the salon. Being a hair stylist I do cutting, styling, up styles for special occasions, coloring, highlights, anything having to do with hair. Other than straightening hair. I won't straighten hair because mine is straight. I want curls.

Q: You're a big supporter of Jeca Cookies and Bars. What is it about the snacks that you love so much?

A: Well, a lot of it is they're delicious! They're convenient because, in my profession, I'm on my feet all day. I don't schedule for a lunch. Lunch just kind of happens, and a lot of times that means that I'm running to grab a bite to eat just to keep my energy up. Jeca Bars are great because I always have them there. I can take half of a bar and eat that and I have energy... They're healthy, they're nutritious, I like that all of the ingredients are real. So I'm not eating chemicals all day.

They're all natural ingredients, I am perfectly comfortable in consuming them myself, having all of my clients consume them. I love how easy it is to just grab it and go, and it just sustains me for a while.

It was fun for me to be there from the beginning and see how she's been progressing with it all too ... I love it! I'm very excited for Ree and the team at Jeca. And I know she's going do great with this.


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