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Getting To Know The Jeca Brand

Getting To Know The Jeca Brand

Ree Dolnick, Founder of Jeca Energy Bars and Cookies offers some insights into the values of Jeca and origins of the company’s name.

Q: Let's talk about the brand and what it stands for, what you hope to achieve when projecting that brand? Firstly, what does Jeca stand for in terms of values?

A: Jeca, to me, is something very elemental, pure and loving. The food is reflective of that in terms of its ingredients being absolutely the best and as fresh as I can make it. At the same time, it also symbolizes for me a new beginning. Food is not just about gaining energy. Food is so many things. It also incorporates into it so many other aspects. Food is joy. Food is nourishing. Food is friendship.

If you could make it  healthy and nutritious and really enjoy the snack that we're producing, that's going back to what my beliefs food should be. We have to be conscious of what we consume and be an educated consumer, but it has to be enjoyable.

Q: What sets the brand apart from other healthy snack options in the market?

I think Jeca and our products offers something that's truly unique. It's nutritious. It's delicious. It stimulates all your senses. It's very sensual and evocative of all those emotions that you have when you eat something delicious, you're sharing with your loved ones plus it's nourishing you in many ways. I guess that is the feeling that I want people to have when they eat our cookies and snack bars.

Our cookies, for example, have so many nutritious components to them due to all of the healthy nuts, oats and spices, which are antioxidants. It stimulates all your senses. Your taste buds gets the sweet, savory, and even bitter tastes in some recipes. You also get this incredible sense stimulation when you smell it.

What's more its designed so that you don't have to have a whole bag. One is often enough in one session. The subtle tastes and infusions mean that it almost forces you to slow down, to taste what you're eating because Jeca's flavors are evolving as you eat them. When you're done with the cookie, you're satisfied.

Q: Where does the Jeca name come from?

A: Jeca itself was named after my daughter. When she was very young, her friends couldn't say her name, Jessica. They would call her Jeca. When I wanted to form my company and trying to figure out what to call it, I felt a little like this company is my second child, and so it was so appropriate to go with that name Jeca. Even starting with the name, it's something that's really dear to me, very pure, very loving.



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