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Getting to know Minnie, Social Media Coordinator

Getting to know Minnie, Social Media Coordinator

Get to know Minnie, Social Media Coordinator

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?

A: Sure! I’m from downtown Buffalo, born and raised. I went to school downtown right at City Honors and then I went to Yale and I got a degree in biology and I graduated last May. I've always really loved food and eating in general, and I've always been interested in the environment and sustainability. So while I was at school I was looking for extracurriculars and student groups to get involved with...and I found a group that fit those interests perfectly! It fell under the umbrella of the student environmental coalition and it was called Food Action. Their main focus was raising awareness of food issues - both national issues and issues on campus - and then working to effect any change that we could on those issues.

Q: So you graduated in May - what are you up to now?

A: Now I'm working at a plastics manufacturing company as sort of an environmental compliance assistant. I actually started out as an intern and recently got hired full-time, so my title now is “environmental scientist.” I’m helping them upgrade their environmental management system to be in compliance with certain international standards for environmental protection, and I also work on some projects that have to do with process engineering and things like that. It’s really interesting to learn about how industry works, since most of my work has been in academia, and it’s been a great learning experience so far. And then I work with Jeca, as well - to fulfill that side of me that isn't necessarily being tapped by the other job.

Q: And can you tell us more about what exactly you do with Jeca? What are your duties and activities that occupy your time?

A: Well, my role has changed a lot over the past year or so. My family and I started out as some of Ree's first taste-testers! So we got to try a lot of the early versions of the cookies and bars, which was fun. I practically survived a summer away from home on an early iteration of those bars, actually! I was doing an internship at the University of Chicago and it was my first time cooking for myself, for real (I ate in the dining hall during college). Needless to say, I didn’t produce very spectacular meals, so the care packages that Ree and my family sent were definitely instrumental in my nourishment.

I moved back home after I graduated from university, and Ree and I decided to start working together. At first, I was mostly just helping her by assisting at farmers markets and events where she was showing the products. Then when I moved away for my current job, she brought me on as a social media intern. So my tasks now consist mostly of managing our social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and building relationships and partnerships that way.

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