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Food Trends We’re Excited for in 2018

Food Trends We’re Excited for in 2018

This January, we’re looking ahead to the exciting healthy food trends are coming up in 2018. From gut health taking centre stage with fermentation to mocktails taking the limelight from cocktails, here are the food trends we’re excited for in 2018.


There’s nothing new about fermentation; the process of fermenting foods has been around in many cultures for centuries before refrigeration as a way to preserve food. However, the health benefits go far beyond preservation, and that’s why fermentation is making a big comeback in 2018. Fermentation changes the state of sugars and starches and enhances the natural, beneficial bacteria in food. Known as probiotics, or ‘good’ bacteria, these are thought to help improve a variety of health issues, specifically digestive health. Fermented foods to try out and reap the health rewards in 2018 include kefir, kimchi, miso and sauerkraut.

Plant-based Protein

Plant-based protein looks to be another big trend for 2018 as people look for ways to eat less meat. While it’s not necessary about adopting a completely vegetarian or vegan diet, today more and more people are seeing the environmental, ethical and health benefits of going meat-free more of the time. But just because people are cutting back on meat, it doesn’t mean they are missing out on protein. Plant-based proteins like seitan, tofu, tempeh, lentils, black beans, and quinoa are going to be big trends in 2018.

Alcohol-free Cocktails

Health-conscious millennials are heralding in the alcohol-free cocktail trend as they drink less booze than the generation before them. According to studies from Eventbrite and Nielsen, the reasons vary between health considerations and simply seeing getting drunk as old-fashioned and embarrassing. What all this means is that fashionable tonic waters with exotic flavours, non-alcoholic 'spirits' and botanical mixes are entering bars and stores to fill the gap in the market.


Juicing’s crown is being usurped by the healthier souping trend. Why? It seems that concerns about sugar and carbs mean that health-conscious Vitamix owners want to mix up something with less fruit and more vegetables and so enter soup. The benefits of souping are numerous: it’s cheap, an easy way to get your recommended daily allowance of vegetables and packed full of fiber. Check out some great veggie soup recipes here.

Will you be getting in on these exciting food trends for 2018? What other trends are you looking forward to?



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