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A Customer's Perspective: What Makes Jeca Bars and Cookies So Convenient?

A Customer's Perspective: What Makes Jeca Bars and Cookies So Convenient?

In the second of a four-part interview Jeca supporter, Wendy Schiffman, gives her take on why Jeca snacks are a convenient and healthy snack option.

Q: What is it about the convenience that appeals; being able to just grab a bar, raise your energy levels, and keep going? Why is that such a great thing?

A: Well, I tend to race all day and I'm not necessarily scheduling a lunch. I can just grab some Jeca bars or cookies as I go. The packaging is easy. It's quick to open. And so that I appreciate too. Ree's bars are nutritious and I can just open up a package and keep going.

Q: Let's talk more about the nutrition and wellness of the bars. What do you understand of the nutritional value of the bars? Why are they so healthy and good for you?

A: It's 100 percent all natural ingredients. What I'm reading on the package is what is in there so I'm not putting chemicals into my body, I'm putting real food into my body and as much as people want to try all these different pseudo ingredients to make something better, truth is, natural products are what make something better.

Jeca products are 100 percent natural and I have the energy that I need from real food. It's not a bunch of things I can't pronounce that are on the label, and if anyone ever had any allergies or sensitivities to anything that's in there they would know right away because all you have to do is read the ingredients.

Q: What about the cookies? What is your favorite flavor, and why?

A: Well the cookies are great. Those are a flavor sensation. Every single one of them. My favorite is Bangkok and I mean I could eat one of those every day. I love them. I love how each cookie really represents whatever region it's named after. And it's interesting because you really can taste that ... the culture in it, which its really interesting.

It's very unique, and anyone who is a real foodie, I always encourage them to try these cookies because they're just so unique. And I love that you get energy out of them, other than just having a treat. It makes it a special treat because it's so different. And not just a sugary treat. Anybody can go and have a cookie, and have it be a sugar bomb. This is a flavor bomb.


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