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15 Top Healthy Eating Blogs

15 Top Healthy Eating Blogs

Want to learn more about healthy eating? Looking to keep up-to-date with topics and tactics to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle?

The Jeca team loves to share so.. we've suggested this list of helpful blogs that'll give you lots of value as you look to eat better. Check out our pick of top healthy-eating sites:

15 Awesome Healthy Eating Resources

  1. Naturally Ella: “Live natural. Be healthy. Eat delicious.” Those are Erin’s words to live by from her food blog called Naturally Ella. She cooks for the entire family and shares great seasonal vegetarian recipes that deliver on her “eat delicious” mandate. 
  2. Aggie’s Kitchen: Aggie shares her healthy recipes, based on fresh, whole foods, along with gardening tips, her amazing travel stories, and cookbook reviews on Aggie’s Kitchen. 
  3. Autoimmune Paleo: Angie and Mickey have a unique story that led them to begin their healthy cooking blog. They both suffer from several autoimmune diseases and turned to healthy eating to help manage their conditions. Now they’ve made it their mission to share their recipes and experience with the world! 
  4. Holy Cow Vegan: Vaishali is a former journalist who absolutely loves cooking. She offers hundreds of recipes to help you cook low-fat and gluten-free meals that are big on taste. 
  5. Skinny Taste: Gina Homolka is a photographer and food expert who shares healthy low-fat, family-friendly recipes and health tips. She also answers various cooking questions on her food blog in a segment called “Skinny Bits”. 
  6. Mark's Daily Apple: Mark Sisson is a former elite endurance athlete who is dedicated to fitness and health through “primal living”. He shares excellent Paleo-style recipes on his blog, and he practices what he preaches (his abs are legendary!) 
  7. The Sprouted Kitchen: Sarah and Hugh Forte are the husband and wife duo who created Sprouted Kitchen. Sarah’s recipes focus on whole foods that will fit into anyone’s healthy eating plan and Hugh brings them to life with his amazing food photography. 
  8. Clean Food, Dirty Girl: Molly believes most people could benefit from eating more plants – That’s why she shares these amazing recipes that are based on her whole-food, plant-based diet. 
  9. Prevention RD: Nicole Morrissey is a registered dietitian. She shares the best gluten-free and vegetarian recipes for people who want to lose weight and maintain their weight-loss successfully. 
  10. The Domestic Man: Russ Crandall writes for Food & Wine and AOL.com’s Kitchen Daily on a regular basis. He also updates his food blog with new Paleo-friendly, gluten-free recipes every Tuesday. 
  11. The Lean Green Bean: Lindsay is a registered dietitian who has established a nutrition coaching business in Columbus, Ohio. She frequently updates her blog, providing readers with delicious recipes made up of the very best healthy foods to eat. 
  12. Something New For Dinner: Something New for Dinner started through a mom’s vision to share the healthy recipes that she had been preparing for her family for over 25 years. This blog includes many delicious vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly recipes. 
  13. The Year In Food: Kimberley is a photographer from San Francisco who shares her own creative way of cooking. She is mainly focused on seasonal fruits and vegetables in her tasty food creations. 
  14. Elana’s Pantry: Elana Amsterdam is highly experienced in grain-free cooking and baking and she provides simple and healthy recipes from her New York Time’s best-selling cookbook. 
  15. Oh My Veggies: The authors of Oh My Veggies blog provide plenty of amazing meal ideas that will help you easily cook vegetarian dishes from fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

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